Brand Story

ATACHE SCIENTIFIC COSMETIC is backed by 30 years of experience in the field of Dermatology with a highly trained team of skin experts. Since its foundation in 1983 and with the backing of the ASAC pharma, pharmaceutical group, Laboratories Atache has always had a clear definition of its mission: Ongoing research and the most stringent requirements.


Continuing its wide experience in the professional cosmetic sector and as a pioneer in the use of Retinol and Vitamin C in Europe, ATACHE SCIENTIFIC COSMETIC reinforces its cosmetic and scientific endeavours in order to go offering the very best to the world of beauty. It is backed up, as always, by the technological and scientific expertise of the ASAC pharma pharmaceutical group.

Science at the service of beauty, "GET RESULTS".

To achieve the very best results possible, meeting the professional and commercial needs of our clients in order to help them identify themselves as “ATACHE Professionals.”

The world of ATACHE guarantees the finest quality

Atache Laboratories develop, produce and sell its products based on the integral functions which allow the highest possible compliance in regards to security and quality. Full compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), environmental management and occupational health risks.



Atache – Soft Derm

Sensitive Repair and Protect

  • Soft-Therapy (Ampoules)
  • Healing Mask (SOS)
  • Aqua Defense (Toner)
  • Sensitive Cleanser (Washing)
  • Delicate Renovation (Peeling)
  • Intenisve Defense 8 SPF (Serum, day) 115ml
  • Intensive Defense 8 SPF (Serum, day) 50ml
  • Aqua Defense (Toner)
  • Sensitive Cleanser (Washing)
  • Soft Repare ( Night Cream)


Atache – Retinol

Wrinkles, Fine lines & Premature Aging skin

  • VITAL-AGE RETINOL Wrinkle attack facial program 4 sessions (5 sessions)
  • VITAL-AGE RETINOL Eye Contour Wrinkle Attack 15ml. (15ml)
  • VITAL-AGE RETINOL Wrinkle Attack Day (50ml)
  • VITAL-AGE RETINOL Wrinkle Attack Night (50ml)


Atache – Dermic Plus


  • Intensifier Supreme “NEW” (15ml)
  • Purifying Peel “NEW” (60ml)
  • Lightening Peel “NEW” (60ml)
  • Corrective Peel “NEW” (60ml)


Attache – Essentielle

Skin Preparation

  • Renewal Therapy (12 units)
  • Makeup Remover Gel (500ml)
  • Essentielle Aqua Tonic (500ml)
  • Total Makeup Remover ( Remover Oil ) (250ml)
  • Green Tea Mask (200ml)
  • Exfoliating Skin ( Scrub ) (200ml)
  • ATACHE PROFESIONAL HydroCream 200ml. “NEW PRODUCT” (200ml)
  • ATACHE PROFESIONAL NutriCream 200ml. “NEW PRODUCT” (200ml)
  • Depil Comfort (250ml)
  • Makeup Remover Gel (115ml)
  • Aqua Tonic (200ml)
  • Total Makeup Remover ( Remover Oil ) (115ml)
  • Depil Comfort (50ml)


Atache – Oily SK

Irregular sebaceousserations, inflammatory and skin dehydration due to acne.

  • Lotion (500ml)
  • Cleansing Gel (500ml)
  • Balancing Shock Serum I (12 units)
  • Balancing Shock Serum II (12 units)
  • Purifying Mask (200ml)
  • Balancing Cream (200ml)
  • Cleansing Gel (115ml)
  • Purifying Mask (100ml)
  • Balancing Cream I (50ml)
  • Balancing Cream II (50ml)
  • Specific Solution (15ml)


Atache – Lift Theraphy

Natural face lifting effect, Reduces double chin, Firmness

  • LT Program (5 sessions)
  • LT Force Lift Day SPF 20 (50ml)
  • LT Sublime Lift Night (50ml)
  • LT Performance Neck Solution (30ml)
  • LT Intensive Lift Solution (15ml)


Atache – Excellence

Global Anti-aging Line

  • EXCELLENCE Global Anti-Aging Bio-Repair Programme 5 sessions “NEW PRODUCT” (5 sessions)
  • EXCELLENCE Cellular Regeneration Day 15 SPF “NEW PRODUCT” (50ml)
  • EXCELLENCE Advanced Repair Night Cream “NEW PRODUCT” (50ml)
  • EXCELLENCE Precision Touch “NEW PRODUCT” (30ml)
  • EXCELLENCE LT Promo Dream Skin Collection ( 3 in 1 ) (3 units)


Atache – Corporal Care

Elasticity & Firmness

  • Cellu-Attack Program (10 sessions)
  • Sea Massage (Algae Body Massage) (1000ml)
  • Sea Massage (Algae Body Massage) (500ml)
  • Oleo Massage (Massage Oil) (250ml)
  • Cellu-Attack (Anti-Cellulite Serum) (200ml)
  • Light Skin (Exfoliating Bath Gel) (200ml)
  • Pure Silk 500ml. (Moisturizing Body Cream) (500ml)
  • Pure Silk 200ml. (Moisturizing Body Cream) (200ml)
  • Crystal Sugar (Sugar Cane Exfoliate) (500ml)
  • BODY LIFTER Program 10 sessions “NEW” (10 sessions)
  • Firming Cream 500 ml. “NEW” (500ml)
  • Model Fit 200ml. “NEW” (200ml)
  • Performance Bust 120ml. “NEW” (120ml)


Atache – C-Vital

Anti-Oxidizing, Revitalizes and Firms up the skin

  • Biological Triple-Antioxidant Protector Antioxidant (Facial Program) (5 sessions)
  • Biological Triple-Antioxidant (Night Protector) Active Fluid + Serum 30+15ml (set)
  • Hidroprotective and Antioxidant Gel (Oily skin) (50ml)
  • Hidroprotective and Antioxidant Cream (Very Dry skin) (50ml)
  • Hidroprotective and Antioxidant Cream (Normal and Dry skin) (50ml)
  • Tensor Flash (New packaging 5×1,2ml) (5×1.2ml)
  • Eye Contour ( Multi-vitamin Gel Cream ) (15ml)


Atache – Depigmen

Hyperpigmentation, Dark spots & Uneven Skin Complexion

  • DESPIGMEN Specific Anti taches solution . “NEW IMAGE” (10ml)
  • DESPIGMEN Cream 25 . “NEW IMAGE” (50ml)
  • DESPIGMEN Performance Solution. “NEW” (50ml)
  • DESPIGMEN Whitening Body Milk (250ml)


Atache – BeSun

Suncare Line ( Paraben Free )

  • SPF 50 – Protective Anti-Aging Fluid ( Face ) (50ml)
  • SPF 50 Invisible Protective mist ( Body ) (150ml)
  • SPF 30 Global Protection Emulsion ( Face & Body ) (200ml)


  • Manto Acido + Urea ( 10% ) Acid Mantle & Urea “NEW” (100ml)
  • MBM “NEW” ( Soothing Oil Repair Serum ) (30ml)
  • Manto Acido + Urea ( 20% ) “NEW” ( Balance PH Toner ) (100ml)